ED Quarter 11


Jimmy’s Vehicle Entrepreneurs

Jimmy’s Vehicle is began as a one stop panel beating & motor repair shop focused on local community. With business growth arising from mine workers buying cars, Lesedi supported them to acquire working tools that both improve the service quality, turnaround time and safety.

Anvor Engineering Works and Trading

This specialist custom steel supply and fabrication company was supported with specialized welding equipment to improve productivity. Lesedi donated heavy duty machines to help AEW execute complex steel works that would enable them to access other opportunities beyond the current contracts with mines.

Etona Events

Lesedi supported Etona events to help them continue rendering services to remote communities. A donation of catering equipment ensured Etona can offer indigenous convenience food and hiring for functions while eliminating the need to travel long journeys while ensuring food is served fresh!

Pat and Sons Welding & Projects

As they grew beyond manufacturing basic products for the retail market, Pat and Sons saw the need to improve their production and capacity to service bigger projects. Lesedi supported them with welding and cutting equipment that would improve their production and capacity to do specialized work while expanding into new markets.

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