ED Quarter 14



Ke-Kgatoentle is a guesthouse located in Boitsoko Township of Postmasburg. Lesedi supported them with televisions, storage water tank, emergency generator and air conditioners to help improve their service and marketability of the B&B.
ED Quarter 14 – Khumo Hair Salon

Lesedi supported Khumo with equipment to improve the health and quality standard where she now has hot water and has the right equipment along with functional workspace. The hair styling equipment is aimed to improve the services and help attracting more high end clients.

Molema Catering

Molema Catering provides a hiring service for the bulk items to the community or family events. Lesedi supported Molema with jumping castles, larger marques, seating and catering equipment. The support to Molema Catering addresses the local social demands, and will create new and sustainable jobs.

Rural Supersave

Rural Supersave is located in remote rural village of Skeifontein. The large storage fridges donated by Lesedi helps store perishables and reduce the need for locals to commute to town daily. This reduces the cost of food and time while improving the availability of fresh food to the local community.

Van Wyk Vleismark

Van Wyk Vleismark is the only butchery in Postdene township. Lesedi supported Van Wyk Vleismark with fridges to display the meat for sale/storage as well as processing equipment including mincers, sausage fillers, vacuums etc.

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