Socio Economic Development

Letsatsi Power is committed to Economic Development (ED) within local communities and the economic upliftment of local markets. Given our mandate, our target is to enable meaningful economic participation by improving the sustainability of existing businesses and new enterprises.

We acknowledge that communities face poverty and unemployment, hence our focus on the growth and development of small and medium-sized businesses which sustain such livelihoods. In our quest for sustainability, our approach recognises the requirements in the full value chain of skills development, access to market and market creation. This is achieved through the interwoven implementation of Socio Economic Development (SED) together with Enterprise Development programmes.

Through the Economic Development projects, we aim to create and promote entrepreneurship to ultimately establish business sectors, improve service delivery, create employment, and increase competition in existing sectors.

Our approach to Enterprise Development promotes investment in SMMEs with growth potential and capacity having high impact on societal needs. The programme will engage beneficiaries through on-going support structures post investment in order to ensure their sustainability.


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