In 2020 the unemployment rate in South Africa stood at almost 30% and youth unemployment at 55.75%. This is evident in the Kgatelopele and Tsantsabane Local Municipalities where substantial numbers of the population in rural communities are unemployed.

These municipal areas continue to experience high unemployment despite being surrounded by several mines who are known to employ majority of the workforce in both areas. The shortage of technical skills and influx of migrant labour is a major contributing factor to unemployment within the communities.

Danielskuil High School began investigating the idea of adding technical subjects and classes to their curriculum, and obtained the approval from the Department of Basic Education after extensive consultations. The school was then supported by Petra Diamond, Jasper Power and the Lesedi Power Project for the construction, furniture and tools which are required for technical subjects offered at the school. Lesedi provided the specialised tools and equipment as specified for the new technical curriculum.

42 learners accepted to the technical classes with the number set to increase in 2023 once the other classes are complete.

The new technical curriculum provides an opportunity for learners to obtain the necessary skills required to work in some of the local mining and construction companies in the Kgatelopele and Tsantsabane local municipalities.

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