The Groenwater community in the Northern Cape relies on boreholes as their main source of water.

In the absence of functioning boreholes to supply clean water, the community can often go without water for a period of up to 4 days. This results in community members not having access to water for consumption, cooking, cleaning or washing.

Solar water borehole pumping system

To ensure that the community has access to a sustainable supply of clean water, Lesedi undertook to install solar borehole pumping systems at three borehole sites in the Groenwater community. The design of the installation addresses various security measures to reduce the risk of theft and ensure the continued functioning of the boreholes to supply clean water to the community.

The project was a community based project where only local labour were used i.e. 4 skilled workers and 7 unskilled workers. Lesedi expects that the community’s involvement in this project would create a sense of ownership and accountability amongst community members.

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