In South Africa small, medium and micro sized enterprises (SMME) are significant contributors to local economies, however the lack of business management skills by owners and or managers limit the development of small businesses over time.

To address the skills gap and provide support for SMMEs, Lesedi provided a 6-month mentorship and training programme to 15 SMMEs. The project aimed to improve the financial and operational sustainability of the businesses, to create more employment opportunities and to develop the selected SMMEs into compliant business entities.

Throughout the 6 month programme, the SMMEs were given hands on business support and advice by the mentorship team. In addition, they were required to attend business management training and a leadership and personal paradigm development course.

On the 23rd of June 2017, Jasper Solar Power Project and Lesedi Power Project jointly hosted a SMME Expo in Postmasburg.  The purpose of the expo was to acknowledge the SMMEs who completed the 6 month mentorship and coaching training programme funded by Lesedi as well recognise the contribution of the SMMEs to the local Tsantsabane and Kgatelopele economies.

The Expo was well attended by dignitaries from the MEC offices, local municipal officials, governmental departments, local businesses and schools. It provided an opportunity for local businesses to into interact with the respective government departments for legislative / statutory compliance and to access funding from various funding agencies.




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